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E-tendering/E-procurement solutions:

KEONICS has deployed, customized and enabled the eTendering/eProcurement solutions in more than 30 government departments in the States of Karnataka,Maharastra,Kerala,Bihar and central PSUs. These Internet based end-to-end G2B (Government to Business) solutions are based on roboust platforms and are primarily targeted for buying the goods and services through quotation (RFQ/RFP), tenders (LIMITED, LCB, NCB, ICB), catalogue based buying, reverse auction and selling the goods through tender-cum-auction.

Finer details of tendering like creation of dynamic vendor database, tender notification and corrigendum announcement, distribution of tender document, submission of sealed tender document to the secured electronics tender box, tender opening in stages, techno commercial evaluation, auto generation of comparative statement, negotiation, award, management of tender contract operations and re-tendering are supported on real time interactive environment.

These highly secured solutions automate the entire manual system with the commitment to transparency and confidentiality of the tendering system.


Some Salient features of Electronic Tendering system:

  • No investment required for procuring system software, servers, network components, etc.
  • Brings in transparency in tendering process and administrative reforms
  • Reduction in Newspaper publication costs since the tender notification size is greatly reduced. No costs involved towards publishing tender documents, corrigendums, postage, courier.
  • Saves valuable time in tender publication and subsequent tabulation of vendor bid documents since the Tenderwizard solution generates the Comparative Statement automatically.
  • Anywhere- any time citizen service: The Supplier/vendor need not visit the tendering office for procuring and submission of tender document as the entire tender cycle starting from booklet purchasing, opening and evaluation is made online. The Supplier/vendor can access and operate on the tendering system even after office hours.
  • Reduced inventory costs – Improved planning and management of inventory leading to lower levels of inventory.
  • Open platform – Level playing field and fair competitive platform for the suppliers.
  • Streamlined, standardized electronic information gathering and access. Ready database of suppliers, tender information, and financial transactions is built-up which is useful for reporting.
  • Facilitation of information reuse across and within the departments.
  • Easy, transparent and effective interaction.
  • Fair competition: Cartel formation can be arrested, as any bidder interested will be able to participate with anonymity.
  • Audit tracking, traceability and data mining
  • Open, free and fearless participation of tenderers becomes possible.
  • Reduction in the processing time for tenders
  • Better access to procurement spend information and analytical reports
  • Widening the reach of tenders globally.
  • Continuous availability of the information to vendors.
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