Our Consultancy offerings include

  1. Networking,
  2. Software development,
  3. Web Solutions,
  4. Project Management Consultancy Rates
Sl. No Amount Including Keonics Service Charges @5% GST@18% Total
01 Consultant (15 years & above) 3,78,000 68,040 4,46,040
02 Consultant (10 years & and < 15 years) 3,41,775 61,520 4,03,295
03 Consultant (5 years & and < 10 years) 3,08,700 55,566 3,64,266
04 Consultant (3 years & and < 5 years) 2,75,625 49,613 3,25,238
05 Consultant (< 3 years) 2,10,000 37,800 2,47,800

Keonics has been in the business of computer networking since 2003. Our dedicated team is well trained and acquired enough skill sets to cater to customer's needs and is equipped to assess, plan, design and implement networking infrastructure and support services. Keonics networking services rely on proven standards based approach using state-of-the art tools for the purpose and follow best practices. The customer's needs involves a thorough collaboration and interaction in understanding the true picture so that the networking solution addresses the issues related with the effective utilization of the expensive network resources.

The network domain covers the entire portfolio of Cable networks including both copper and fiber, Wireless networking solutions. Keonics has experience of designing and maintaining campus wide networks based on Ethernet. We deploy wireless solutions for small time network requirements and difficult-to-work terrains and mobile desktop/laptop environments. Under WAN, we provide solutions based on leased lines, MPLS VPN etc., for effective and reliable connectivity of multi-locations.