Web design and application development has been one of the important portfolios of Keonics business. The company boasts of developing and nurturing professional teams to take up design and development of web applications. These highly skilled teams have great expertise in handling a gamut of web-technologies under Windows and Linux environments. All our web portals adhere to W3C and provide search optimization and have easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces

The dynamic world demands that the web portals are always on and are up-to-date. Occasional re-vamping of the web site has also become necessary to address the issue of changing requirements of the customers and users. To cater to these needs Keonics, takes up maintenance of the websites and re-designing of the existing portals. The maintenance services include content updation and management, page additions, search engine optimization, inclusion of weblog tools etc.

The development can use ASP, PHP, JSP, AJAX, XML and HTML and the design can take place using tools like Adobe Photoshop, DreamWeaver, FrontPage. Depending on the customer requirement the solutions can use databases and we provide variety of database support for the web solutions from a range of database servers like MySql, PostGre, MS SQL servers. Extensive use of open source technologies like Joomla, Drupal and WordPress are being used for content driven portals.

On behalf of our customers, we provide many hosting services. Keonics, works in close tandem with Class-A service providers in facilitating shared hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, co-location. Further, we render services in the areas of email configuration and management, configuration of web server, database servers, back-up server to name a few.